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Kyrgyz folk music

Kyrgyz folk music.

Everything will be told in music - life, death, love, compassion and inspiration, we were able to reach the highest freedom for which fought throughout history, starting with the first glimpses of consciousness in man, but we managed to reach her only in it. And only music is overcoming dogma of all times, is always oriented towards the future ...  And because music is given to say what we could not say...
Chyngyz Aytmatov


Music is a reflection of the inner world of man, that’s why it’s the reflection of the spiritual component of the nation where he lives. Each nation has not only their musical instruments, but also the entire science mentality of playing on them and works understanding.

Kyrgyz national music originates from the ancient world, many beautiful legends tell how musical instruments appeared –komuz, kiyak, chor, chopo chor, ooz komuz, zheznay, chymyldak, chynyron, surnay, kerney, dobulbas, zhekesan, zhylaazhyn, shyldyrak, konguroo, asatayak, dol, chymyldak, zuuldak and many others. Music, songs, poems, stories - all transmitted exclusively orally from generation to generation, revealing the life of the Kyrgyz people - their aspirations and experiences, happiness and joy, life and death.

Folk accompanied all aspects of Kyrgyz nomad - to lift the mood and facilitate the work of each day, in prayer to the gods, when accompanied on his last journey.... The folk songs reflect the bright events and every day’s life of people, customs and traditions, koshok (songs -laments), children songs, love songs, lullabies. In Kyrgyz folklore a special place occupy by love songs that shock by the richness and depth of musical means of artistic expression. Ritual songs and rituals performed during drought or storm, while hunting, or requests for progeny, wealth augmentation. Komuz, choor were the most often used in public life and dobulbas, nagyra, dap, childirman, zhekesan were used during military action and big holidays.

After the occurrence of Kyrgyz tribes to Russia the Kyrgyz folk music was recorded and explored more particularly. Since that time Kyrgyz folk music was divided into five components conditionally: epic, labor, folk, traditional and lyrical songs.

Nowadays Kyrgyz national folklore reborn due to not only to lovers of history, but also ordinary citizens of Kyrgyzstan, which re-acquainted with folk music, different festivals performed; you can hear the familiar tunes on every corner,  as if they are telling own story. Undoubtedly, the Kyrgyz national folklore not just a part of history, but also a bright page of present and future!


Komuz legends.

Once upon a time, now no one will remember when it was, lived a hunter -Kambarkan. He understood the language of birds and animals, loved to listen to their singing and regarded them as holy. One day during hunting, he heard a pleasant, but not familiar melody. It bewitched him; trying to see an unfamiliar bird Kambarkan climbed to the top of the tree and realized that these sounds are not singing of the birds. It turns out that the sound appeared from squirrel’s guts which joined together two branches, it failed while was jumping from tree to tree and ripped abdomen itself. Eventually got dried and began to publish these enchanting sounds. Hunter took it off, cut instrument similar to wineskin and pulled dried intestine between its ends. Once this was done, there was a familiar groan. He pulled a second-it already sounded a bit softer. A third was very soft. This was a born of the first komuz.

There is also a legend that komuz taught singing for nightingale. It was long time ago, when people still believed that the Earth was flat. The aksakal (grey-headed person) and nightingale were friends. Aksakal was great komuz players. Nightingale often listened to the songs that komuzchu (the person who play komuz) played and once asked to teach him how to sing as komuz. After learning it becomes a best singer among birds.